Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Mini-Rant on Why I'm a Hillary supporter

Because I'm here for Hillary doesn't make me blind, sheep, less liberal or an apologist. I'm for Hillary because she knows the game, she's realistic and she can make the hard choices. Bernie has a strong record and I appreciate that, but I don't have the excitement for him as president. His ideals are nice, but they feel more like fantasies to me.

Where are his strong partnerships? Where are his corporate ties? (and yes, you need corporate ties. The belief that you don't need CT is daft, naive at best) Without a realistic plan or partners, how can he get anything done? You saw how Congress acted on Obama's policies. Anywho, I think Bernie would be great on Hillary's team and if he gets the nomination, I'll vote for him... I just wouldn't excited about it.


Bob Slatten said...

I voted Hillary for the reasons you listed, though I also like Bernie and hope that is Clinton is elected, Bernie will push her a bit.
If he gets the nomination, he gets my vote, though, because not voting gives it to the GOP and we cannot afford that.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for whomever the Democrats choose. Bernie gets my vote because he has some ideals. Other than feminism, I do not know or believe that Hillary cares for anything other than Hillary. She is more realistic than Bernie, but she is not offering much hope and a politician needs to encourage hope. Will vote for Bernie in the primary. I will vote for Hillary in the general election, if it comes to that, but like yourself with Bernie, I will not be excited about it.

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