Monday, March 7, 2016

LGBT folks are moving to the Red States? reports has some fascinating news.

More LGBT folks are moving to the red states... Yup, they are going there according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In the report, they're about 20 cities in these state received a lot of gays in those hills. These cities are in Utah, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana. Sadly, these cities don't have laws to protect LGBT workers from job discrimination. And these states are falling into these silly RFRA battles. So, I'm curious to know why they're leaving the so-called meccas to live in Monkey's Paw, Kentucky.

Well, maybe they're tired of the hustle and bustle of the meccas. I mean, the LGBT communities in the biggest cities are not the welcoming places they used to be. They're becoming too much to deal with at the age of 35.

And, these smaller cities are cheaper to live in.

LA is NO JOKE, folks! I've been fortunate to live here, but I'll be honest with y'all... sometimes I think about how life would be back in my college town, making more money and living high on the hog. Back in Ken-Ten (Kentucky and Tennessee), you could rent a 2 bedroom apartment with a washer & dryer for $600 or less! Here in LA, you can barely get a room.

I think many in the LGBT community want a home and good paying jobs. All of that trumps gayborhoods, a bunch of gay bars and... Well, I don't know. I guess you have to grow up someday and join the real world... In the Red States.

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Enrique Clampett said...

This is why the legalization of gay marriage is a double edged sword. As more gays get married and build families they are realizing that they might be more Republican than they thought.

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