Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In Tennessee: Anti-Trans Bill dies

My homestate of Tennessee made me proud yesterday.

Lawmakers dropped HB 2414, the heinous bill that was an attack on Trans teens.

Members of the House Education Administration & Planning Committee voted to push this bill forward, but after meeting with trans students they had a change of heart.

Now, about that bill. HB 2414 would've required that students prove that their anatomy matches that of their birth certificate as a condition of using the restroom. How? Well, there was no real plan on how to do that, so it was not a well thought out plan.

Freedom For All Americans Executive Director Matt McTighe had this to say about the win:
“Today’s decision by Tennessee lawmakers is a victory for the dignity and equal treatment of all children in the state. House Bill 2414 would have endangered the personal safety of all children, particularly transgender youth; and codified discrimination in public schools. No child should fear being singled out or humiliated when they are trying to get an education. Tennessee did the right thing in defeating this harmful legislation, and other states should follow its lead.”
This is a great victory for Tennessee

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Bob Slatten said...

That's great news.
Now, hopefully, they'll stop with all this anti-LGBT foolishness.

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