Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Matt Bomer for Men's Fitness

Matt Bomer is serving face and bod on the latest Men's Fitness Cover.

The fitness magazine writes:
Matt Bomer knows what it takes to change his body—whether that's dropping 40 pounds for his role in The Normal Heart, packing on slabs of muscle for both Magic Mike films or—for one of his latest challenges—flashing between a lean-but-ripped vampire to a strung-out heroin addict in American Horror Story: Hotel. Here, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from his MEN'S FITNESS cover shoot, he opens up about the discipline all that takes, plus his go-to workout, what it's like to work with Lady Gaga, and more.

Lucky for us, they posted a behind the scenes video for our viewing pleasure


Chanel No.5 News said...

Wait a second. Let's back up here. Three posts above this you rail against an app for a-list white fit guys yet here you are highlighting an.......a-list white fit guy. So if Matt Bomer joined Hanky would that make it acceptable?

viktor kerney said...

Um... no

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