Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WATCH Idris Elba on Lack of Diversity in Films and Television

My husband Idris Elba spoke to MPs at a Parliamentary to discuss the lack of diversity in TV. Idris did a great job addressing the issues, in fact he mentioned seeing gay characters on TV who aren’t “stereotypes”.

Here's a piece of his speech

Idris asked:
“We need to count up what everybody has, see the lay of the land, and see who has which careers in TV."“Who makes TV? Who’s allowed on TV? And when they get the opportunity, which roles do they play, off and on screen?"“Are black people normally playing petty criminals? Are women always the love interest or talking about men?"“Are gay people always stereotyped? Are disabled people ever seen at all?"“Do some people have their careers taken away on a whim? Is their talent unfairly ignored?”

Watch the entire speech here

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