Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I don't get Evangelicals

I am truly struggling with evangelicals. I mean, I've always struggled with evangelicals, but I'm not understanding their purpose, cause or their belief system.

For them to support anyone like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is quite interesting, and a bit scary.

These are people who are phonies and liars. I don't understand how they could support these particular candidates. It just doesn't make any sense to do so, I mean how do you hold your faith so high that you can't see the bullshit in front of your face?

The last time I checked, God and Jesus were all about love, acceptance and bringing people together. But evangelicals seem to except bigotry and deception as key qualities. It's hard for me to take them seriously, because everything they stand for goes against the true teachings of Jesus.

It's difficult for me to believe that these people are genuinely into their faith. Makes me wonder if they even realize how backwards and naïve they come across.

Maybe somebody's God will show them the way.


Bob Slatten said...

They support Cruz because he invokes the name of God when he speaks to them, just like he invokes Guns when he speaks to that crowd.
I have no idea why they seem to rally around [t]Rump, who has never portrayed himself as religious until now.

BloggerJoe said...

One thing I learned when I was embroiled in that cause as a teenager is it's much easier to let someone else do your thinking for you. You learn to accept what you're told/taught without questioning it. I suspect the majority of supporters do so simply because they're being told to.

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