Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anti-Gay Lawmaker caught on Grindr raises questions on Outing

Over the weekend, Virginia's LGBT newspaper, GayRVA posted some interesting information about one of their GOP lawmakers.

This lawmaker was caught on Grindr. No big deal, right? Well, this lawmaker has an strong anti-gay record in the state.

To see an anti-gay lawmaker on the gay hook-up website is truly something to talk about. But there's been issues about outing this particular person. Journalist Brad Kutner (who broke the story) will not out the lawmaker. He said:
“Outing” someone is not something to be taken lightly and often comes off as tacky or vengeful. The legislator we’re addressing with this letter has a voting record which would make an openly gay man shake their head in disgust, but he hasn’t been specifically vocal on LGBTQ issues. This is one of the reasons we’re choosing to leave them anonymous, however we hope this message reaches their desk and they’ll consider the words below if and when they have a chance to vote on LGBTQ related bills in the future.
Interesting. I know many folks would out this guy for his self-hating actions. However, does Brad have a point? Is it petty to out this guy?

What do you think?

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Bob Slatten said...

I believe that if he is a lawmaker working with an anti-LGBT agenda then he should be outed, for being gay AND a hypocrite.
If he isn't anti-LGBT, but just closeted because he chooses that, then let him alone.

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