Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anti-Gay Pastor's Church is up for Auction

There is a God...

Hate Pastor James Manning is about to lose his church. Dude hasn't paid his bill and city is coming to collect! And if he can't get it together, his church will be put up for public auction next month!

According DNAinfo, Pastor Manning said the issue besets around unpaid water and sewage bills. He vows to fight the order, believing his church’s tax exempt status protects him. But seriously, it doesn't.

Here's more:
Manning said he found out about the public auction last week and was previously unaware that there was a legal case against his church despite the fact that the case began in September 2009 and his lawyer filed an answer to the complaint a month later.

What Manning didn’t say is that there are nine federal tax liens against him totaling more than $355,000 from as far back as 2002. He also owes New York State for more than $28,000 and other creditors more than $30,000, public records show.

According to city records, the Internal Revenue Service released a federal lien against Manning in 2006 and the Bank of New York Mellon was assigned that lien in 2010.

The church does receive $186,000 in tax exemption benefits from New York City, records show.

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection would not say if churches are exempt from water and sewage charges, but the agency's website lists $194,000 in outstanding water bills.
It would be so funny if his church becomes a new gay club, bathhouse or a space for NY Jacks

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