Monday, January 4, 2016

Is Colton Haynes gay? Girl, who cares?

So, this happened

Then Hell broke loose! Everybody lost their minds over this semi-unclear news. Before I get into this, here's a bit about Colton. He's a cute actor known for being in Teen Wolf and Arrow. Again, cute A&F looking White guy.

Over the weekend, thinkpieces, posts, blogs hit the roof. Colton's gay! Colton's gay! Is he though? Dod he really say that? Chile, I don't know, but this obsession with Colton Haynes is tired.

I don't know why a lot of us are so high geared with him being gay? I just don't get the hoopla about this guy. I mean yes, he is very attractive, pretty eyebrows, nice smile... But why are y'all so pressed? Ever since his magazine debut in Xy, I think it was called, gays have been questioning his sexuality from the gate. That magazine came out in 2006, so y'all been on him for about a decade. For 10 years, folks have been waiting for him to say 'Yup, I'm gay'... 10 years.

Let this man be, if he wants to come out, he will or he won't. But please move on from this saga. It's not your business or your life. Just worry about your own closet.

Fanning over some hot guy's sexuality is so 90s. Please, get with the times.


Damien said...

I was under the impression he had come out.
Didn't he have a short relationship with Matt Dallas?

Bob Slatten said...

I think he's adorable, BUT ... I think all this current "Is he or isn't he" hype is based on a question about that decades old photo shoot, not anything current.
I simply got that he was talking about that "kiss" and how it's not really a secret.

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