Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Get Ready for Hanky, a new Gay App for A-list (White & Fit) Guys

Another gay app will be crowding our spaces. This one is called, Hanky and according to it's press release, it's special.
Hanky wants to eliminate the trolls: in order to join Hanky you need an invite code from a friend and validate your phone number, or sign up with your Facebook account. If you do not have an invite code at least three current members will have to vote you in.

Legitimate users of traditional apps are being subjected to internet ridicule by trolls (often using fake identities), who send abusive messages or who post screenshots of private conversations on Twitter.

Jonas Cronfeld, co­founder of Hanky says: “We will probably never have 5 million members like some of these other apps because so many get turned away. But we’ll choose quality over quantity any day. Sure, big numbers are nice, but none of our competitors have got the actual experience right ­ something we will never compromise on. Our users are nicer and more sexy.”
Basically, you can vote out guys you think are ugly and unattractive. So if you're husky, Asian, Black, Muslim anything that's probably not 'fit' and white, you're out of luck. Yeah, I'm jumping the shark, however, I can't see nothing but issues rising from this app.

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Alan Scott said...

Just another high school minded app. No intelligence required (or wanted).

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