Monday, November 2, 2015

Gus Kenworthy gets Heat for Disrespectful Halloween Pic

Dude, you just came out and now this?

Gus Kenworthy made headlines for coming out recently. The Olympian freeskier quickly grabbed attention mostly for his hot looks and well, his hot looks. But sadly, just when you thought it was safe to give all of the praise and glory... He does this on Instagram.

Yes, the classic cultural appropriation. Something that easily happens on a regular basis these days. As soon as the pic posted, folks came for him. Interesting enough, he had this statement along with the pic
No boo, it's more than just having fun. It's being disrespectful. However, some folks don't get it or always arrive late to the social justice party. Gus was sorry for what he did and removed the pic, but hopefully he won't this again. Maybe he learned something from this... Maybe

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