Monday, November 23, 2015

Donald Trump tweets Racist Data that is Completely Fake

Typical Donald Trump.

If he was smart he would've realized that these numbers are wrong AF, there is no Crime Statistics Bureau, and the data is completely farce. The Daily Beast reports:
The image alleges that 97 percent of African-Americans were killed by African Americans, while only 1 percent of murdered African-Americans were killed by police. These two statistics are demarcated from the rest in blue and red ink respectively. It also claims 81 percent of whites who are killed are killed by blacks, which is pure race-baiting at its most ignorant. The numbers in this erroneous image are attributed to the “Crime Statistics Bureau - San Francisco,” and reflect 2015 data.

For one thing, a “Crime Statistics Bureau” does not exist. The FBI is responsible for this data and they have yet to release a report on 2015, because, well 2015 is not over yet.

Secondly, whoever made that image did so with the intent of lying about the percentage of white Americans killed by black Americans. In 2014, that number was 14 percent, not 81 percent.

Additionally, in Trump’s graphic, only 16 percent of whites are killed by other whites. In the same FBI report, it clearly states that 82.3 percent of whites are in fact killed by other whites, which is very similar to the number of blacks killed by blacks (89.9 percent).
Again, Trump tweets a bunch of lies, but his stupid followers will believe it.

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Bob Slatten said...

Why does anyone act surprised? His story of watching "thousands cheer" in Jersey City as the towers fell has been proven to be a lie but he says it still happened. He's a lying hypocritical pandering narcissistic fuck.

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