Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Interesting Quote: Gus Kenworthy

About that Native American costume...
“I didn’t think for a second when I did it that I was being offensive. I would’ve never done anything that I thought was going to offend anybody.I went on my phone and I Googled — like an idiot — but like, ‘Is it racist to dress up like a Native American?’ And, I guess the answer is yes… It’s sort of a vague line, because if you’re a character, then it’s not really racist but if you’re just, like, an Indian, then it’s sort of racist. But at the same point, even a character, like Pocahontas or someone, for example, is still sort of based on a racial stereotype and sort of a misinterpretation of a culture. I felt guilty that I had done it. I also feel that sometimes people do really overreact. It’s Halloween. It’s a night to dress-up. But I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or feel like I was being rude or insensitive. So I took it down… I feel like, lesson learned and I won’t do it again.”
Yay, he's learning


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