Thursday, November 12, 2015

Batboy for the Washington Nationals comes out and Shares his Story

Spenser Clark is living the dream. Not only is he the Batboy for the Washington Nationals, he's also openly gay man.

Spenser never thought he could be both, but he is, and he's better for it.
Shortly afterward I came out to my best friend in a text message. Her reaction gave me the strength and courage to come out to more and more people.

After initially coming out, there was still a process. It is not a one-time thing and you're done. It's a continual process. There were days when I wondered if I made the right decision. I finally came out to everyone in my life, including my friends and family, late last year during my junior year of college.

It takes time to become comfortable with who you are, and I was no different. It was reading the stories of people I look up to, such as Billy Bean, Robbie Rogers, Jason Collins, Conner Mertens, Chandler Whitney and others, that made me realize living on the other side is okay.

I realized that you could come out and still live the same life. An even better life.

Coming out to my Nationals coworkers was a completely different experience than any of the others. At work I was tired of trying to fit into conversations about women and having nothing to say. I couldn't express myself the way I wanted. I didn't want to hide anymore. I was unsure about how "sports people" would feel about having a gay co-worker. I was worried about getting fired or ostracized, all because of who I am.
Live in your truth, Spenser.

Read the rest of his story here.

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Bob Slatten said...

Good for him, good for all of us, with each one who comes out into truth and light.
But, and this might be just me, isn't he more of a bat man?

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