Monday, November 16, 2015

Finally! A Fierce Ad features a boy praising Barbie!

Oh my God! Have y'all seen this new Moschino Barbie commercial? It's for a limited edition Barbie doll that is made by Moschino. It's a typical Barbie commercial, but somewhat different. There's a young boy talking about how fierce Barbie is.

Now how many of us wished we could've been that boy so many years ago?

Seeing this commercial just remind me how excited I used to be every time I saw Barbie commercial. (My fave)

I do believe many of us were ecstatic to see these commercials as kids. Lord knows I wanted to play with the Barbie dream house, the Corvette and Ken. Anywho, I hope little boys who see this video won't feel ashamed for liking Barbie, and hopefully get to play, design and plan out their fabulous lives with the plastic icon.

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