Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Foolishness Alert: Mat Staver says Annise Parker should Resign if she can't do her job

Mat Staver from the Liberty Counsel has some nerve.

On this "Faith and Freedom" radio show, Mat said that if Houston's mayor Annise Parker can't do her job, she should resign.

Mat said:
"That is like a CEO of a company who says you need to boycott our company," Staver said, "stop buying products from our company because we have a policy that I, the CEO, don't agree with even though the board of directors has ultimately voted for this policy, so stop patronizing our company. Well, you know what, if that's what your feeling is, resign from the company. Mayor, if you want people to boycott Houston, why don't you just resign and let somebody else who wants to run the mayor's office and represent the city of Houston and all of the taxpayers and citizens of Houston? Why don't you just let someone else do it because, frankly, you haven't been doing a very good job."
Wait.. Wait a minute. How is he going to tell her to do her job, when he's supporting Kim Davis to do the oppositie? The Hypocrisy is so thick. Seriously, Mat look at your own backyard, boo boo.

Listen to the interview here

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