Monday, November 9, 2015

Gallup: Same Sex Marriage is Growing in the US!

Gallup reports that more same-sex couples are getting married in the US. In fact, the total numbers of married same-sex couples are hitting towards one million!

Here are some key findings

  • Overall, 3.9% of all Americans identify as LGBT, and 0.4% of all Americans are in a same-sex marriage. The latter figure is up from 0.3% before the ruling.

  • Those figures can be used to estimate that there are now approximately 972,000 Americans in a same-sex marriage, up from approximately 780,000 before the ruling. Put differently, there are now approximately 486,000 same-sex marriages in the U.S., compared with approximately 390,000 four months ago.

  • Among all LGBT Americans, 9.6% currently describe themselves as being married to a same-sex spouse, up from 7.9% before the Supreme Court's decision. There has been a decline in the percentage of LGBT Americans who say they are not married but are living with someone of the same sex, from 12.8% to 11.7%. Nearly half of LGBT Americans, 46.8%, identify as single, likely because LGBT as a group tend to be younger, on average.

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