Wednesday, September 2, 2015

According to the Bible, Kim Davis is an Adulterer

As she stands firm on protecting traditional marriage, this heifer has been married four times! And the gag is, Kim was pregnant with twins from her third husband when she was still with her second husband!

So, how dare she even try to talk about the perfect traditional marriage when she's been throwing her goodies to four different men!  And it could be more because you know how these folks are, they try to be all 'holier than thou' and yet full of lust and sexual desires. Just look at Josh Duggar, right? 

According to Kim, she's just following the word of the Bible. Well if that's the case, Kim, you've broken many rules listed in the book. The Bible says that your pregnancy with your third husband is an act of adultery. And wasn't God against divorce, and yet, you've been divorced three times? 

Interesting, Kim.... Just interesting

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