Monday, September 21, 2015

Aydian Dowling Opens Up About Being A Men's Health Ultimate Guy Finalist!

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Dorian said...

Great Interview. Fun and educational. I have a couple of friends that are Trans and I feel like we are constantly having this conversation about disclosure. Personally, I feel and Advise to them that they should disclose on the first date to get it over with and weed out the jerks. Both of them end up waiting for a while, getting emotionally invested and then when they finally disclose, they did not get the acceptance they wanted. Fast fwd to the vodka and tear-soaked brunch or dinner about the situation where I am trying to support them and NOT say I told you so. They both have said that it is hard to find someone accepting and I always said (just like Aydian) that there is someone for everyone and you can't have this mindset that there is no one out there for you. This issue has a lot of layers and I don't want to minimize it. Aydian also said that everyone has dating issues. I agree, dating is difficult for most of us no matter who you are. I think it ultimately is about you feel about yourself. (Very heavy and layered convo for another Vodka and Tears soaked brunch or dinner.) LOL! This was a great interview. Thanks for sharing.

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