Monday, September 28, 2015

Stonewall BOMBED at the Box Office

I knew it. Stonewall bombed this weekend. It grossed $112,414 from 127 theaters. The reviews were so bad and the movie... This film is a mess. I have a lot to say about this messy film because it sends so many messages.
For example, you need a White savior, the White savior has to be pretty, pretty enough for gays to want him and straight folks to support him. Then let's focus on his struggles vs the ones who lived through it in order to make the non-gays happy.

This film is a reflection of Roland Emmerich's sorry self-esteem, because any self-respecting gay director wouldn't have put this mess out. And how dare he use his white privilege to retell history?

Let me explain, in a Buzzfeed article, Roland said: “As a director you have to put yourself in your movies, and I’m white and gay.” And by doing that, he created Danny, which was clearly problematic. He later said: “I kind of found out, in the testing process, that actually, for straight people, [Danny] is a very easy in. Danny’s very straight-acting. He gets mistreated because of that. [Straight audiences] can feel for him.”

So, instead of telling the correct story, he created this White Knight and altered history. I understand that most historical films do this, but to add a White character with no true links to the actually events and give them the hero role (He throws the first brick) is very disrespectful and crass. But Roland thought nothing of it, because he wanted 'his' character, his golden boy to shine.

I know some of you want to see it for yourselves. But I told you then, and I'm telling you now, this movie is a fraud and a sad attempt to address one of the most important times in our history.

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Bob Slatten said...

I don't think I would have minded had he told the story THROUGH Danny's eyes, but from what I've read he told the story as though Danny was a real person who was there.
We don't need our history rewritten, we need it told.

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