Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ted Cruz gets BOOOED on "The Late Show" over Gay Marriage

Ted talks to Stephen Colbert about how he wants to be like Reagan and then, gay marriage.

However, he wasn't ready for the crowd. Jump to the 3:08 mark


Anonymous said...

Cruz shows a stunning and inexcusable lack of knowledge about how our government is structured. It is divided into three branches -- legislative, judicial an executive -- with each "estate" having checks and balances over the other.

This country was founded on equal rights for all and the pursuit of all to enjoy life and liberty. If we left that up to states slavery would still exist in parts of the United States and women would probably not have the right to vote.

The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't always get it right -- it is a reflection of our culture. The Dred Scott decision and Plessy vs. Ferguson gave slavery more power and made segregation legal. But the court over the years has progressively worked to ensure equal rights, culminating in the same-sex marriage ruling.

What Cruz said about state's rights is such bullshit and he knows it -- which is why he has that shit eater's grin. States do have control over many issues but basic human rights can't be left up to states to enforce and decide. That's not why this country was founded.

Anonymous said...

Hate the semantics game. Is there a nick name for the way Politicians speak? They have this way of answering a question without directly answering the question. You can interpret that he really does not support gay marriage but he is using indirect language because it is not socially acceptable anymore to not support gay marriage....thank god. That said, It would be nice if politicians could just say where they stand directly. It is helpful to know that for voting purposes.

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