Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clown Car Queen Sarah Palin will Address CPAC 2015

From the CPAC website

“Gov. Sarah Palin possesses a unique ability to speak directly to the American people,” said Schlapp. “She has been enthusiastically received by the conservative grassroots activists and students who attend CPAC, the American Conservative Union’s annual event, and I know her involvement this year will be even more exciting than her past appearances.”

“In addition to being a devoted wife, loving mother, and a crusading conservative mayor, commissioner and Governor, Sarah Palin is known for her unwavering affection and loyalty to our country and our shared conservative values. Few have worked harder in the past six years to elect conservatives, many of whom will also speak at CPAC this year. She is committed to the rights of the unborn, a champion of the American entrepreneurial spirit, and a firm supporter of preserving American sovereignty. Sarah Palin always displays humility and respect for hardworking Americans. She is an extraordinary American, a two-time CPAC closer, and we are grateful to have her join us again at CPAC 2015,” concluded Schlapp.

This should be the comedy hit of the season.

1 comment:

Damien said...

I'll be the one who says it....

They're holding it at the GAYLORD convention centre.

You just cant write that....

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