Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why are Haters still Fighting Marriage Equality?

Change is here!

Just in this week alone, we've seen marriage equality just ooze all over America. Idaho and North Carolina make up the 28th and 29th states that has gay marriage, and more states are moving forward! Who would've thought, right? It's just getting better and better.

However, the haters are still trying to fight this with everything they got. You have to wonder why they're doing this? The law isn't on their side, and with DOMA dead, any battle against it is ridic. So what is their motive, or plan... or anything? Do they hope that SCOTUS will change their minds? I just don't know what they hope to gain by fighting this losing battle.

NOM, religious freaks, the GOP and some of the South... Surrender. There's no turning back, marriage equality is here to stay. No matter what you do or believe, we have won.

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