Wednesday, October 15, 2014

E.W. Jackson Launches a Petition to Protect the Bigoted Rights of Christians

E.W. Jackson will not go away. The former Virginia Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor has started a national movement to protect Christians from, as he puts it, "growing hostility, discrimination and anti-Christian bigotry."

The website is called STAND, Staying True to America's National Destiny (gag). And the page on the petition states:
We the undersigned, as citizens of the United States, hereby demand that Congress and the President pass legislation recognizing that under the First Amendment of the Constitution it is a violation of civil rights to fire Americans from their jobs, fine them in their businesses, restrict them from contracting with agencies of government, discipline them in their schools, or punish them in the military for peaceably expressing faith in Jesus Christ, the Biblical definition of marriage, the sacredness of life or any other article of faith; nor may the peaceful expression of such viewpoints ever be a cause for civil or criminal liability or prosecution as hate speech, bigotry or discrimination.

In this video, he explains his reason for this mess.

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