Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaks in the Michael Brown Case are causing a Huge Stir

Last week, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch posted an article about Michael Brown's leaked autopsy report. In the article, it quotes California forensics expert Dr. Judy Melinek, claiming that Michael Brown was reaching for Darren Wilson's gun. Several news outlets covered it, even though, it’s considered propaganda. Later, the article was found inaccurate because of the way it written.

Dr. Melinek clarified that she never said the autopsy supported Darren Wilson's story. She also discussed this matter on her blog and on MSNBC. The info quickly spread on Twitter and Facebook, labeling St. Louis Post-Dispatch as instigators and liars. And apparently, this unnecessary drama didn’t sit well with AG Eric Holder.

At a news event in Los Angeles, Eric spoke about this leaked story and expressed that he was bothered by it. In fact, he said that he was "exasperated" to see leaks.

It’s clearly an attempt to change the public opinion about Darren. However, it has only created more questions on the story and who’s leaking the information.

Hopefully, this type of action and mess will force Eric and the DOJ to take the case. It doesn’t seem to be in good hands down in that area.

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lucifer' place said...

A mistrial in the works ??

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