Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In Texas: Mayor Parker Drops Subpoenas against Anti-Gay Pastors

In an interesting turn of events, Mayor Annise Parker will withdraw its controversial subpoenas of five pastors tied to a lawsuit over the city's equal rights ordinance (HERO).

Days ago, I posted the press conference from the religious leaders, claiming they would rather go to jail than support HERO. After a meeting with these 'leaders', Mayor Parker decided to let it go.

Here's more:
The announcement came amid a national firestorm about the subpoenas, which have prompted outrage among Christian conservatives. Parker said two meetings yesterday, one with local pastors and another with national clergy, persuaded her to pull the subpoenas altogether.

"The goal of the subpoenas is to defend against the lawsuit and not to provoke a public debate," Parker said.

She is ordering the subpoenas removed for the sake of Houston, not because the request were in any way illegal or intended to intrude on religious liberties, Parker said.

"I didn't do this to satisfy them," Parker said of critics. "I did it because it was not serving Houston."

Here is a video that catch you up on the drama after the jump (autoplay)

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