Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Haters Whine over SCOTUS's Gay Marriage Decision

Haters are going to hate, and yesterday the haters came out in droves.

After SCOTUS denied the gay marriage appeals in five states, conservatives lost their ever-loving minds.

Below, are just some of the statements from haters and their fans.

Mat Staver - The responsibility for the undermining of marriage rests solely at the U.S. Supreme Court. Last year ’s decision in the Defense of Marriage Act case that started this fire, and today’ s decision to watch marriage burn to ashes is the responsibility of the Supreme Court. The actions of the Supreme Court in particular, and of the judiciary in general, undermine the rule of law and erode the confidence of the people in the judicial branch of government. When the people lose confidence in the rule of law, the judiciar will lose is legitimacy.

Ted Cruz
- The fact that the Supreme Court Justices, without providing any explanation whatsoever, have permitted lower courts to strike down so many state marriage laws is astonishing. This is judicial activism at its worst.

Tony Perkins - Unfortunately, by failing to take up these marriage cases, the High Court will allow rogue lower court judges who have ignored history and true legal precedent to silence the elected representatives of the people and the voice of the people themselves by overturning state provisions on marriage. Even more alarming, lower court judges are undermining our form of government and the rights and freedoms of citizens to govern themselves. This judicially led effort to force same sex 'marriage' on people will have negative consequences for our Republic, not only as it relates to natural marriage but also undermining the rule of and respect for law.

Brian Brown - Marriage is the union of one man and one woman; it has been this throughout the history of civilization and will remain this no matter what unelected judges say.

Ralph Reed - Today’s decision further insures that the marriage issue will motivate and mobilize voters of faith who are concerned about marriage and deeply resent having the institution redefined contrary to the clearly expressed will of the people by federal judges who legislate from the bench.

And the list keeps growing and growing... So good to see them falter

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Bob Slatten said...

I imagine that, in a few years, when the dust settles and the locusts don't invade the earth and we all don't die from God's Fury hurricane or Earthquake, these fools will try to spin their hate into something "less than."
And i hope I'm here to remind people of all the hate these asshats spewed.

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