Sunday, December 29, 2013

Interesting Quote: Marc Lamont Hill

“They had to make some sort of gesture to make people happy and they did that with the suspension which essentially meant nothing. A&E decided that the 14 million viewers and millions and hundreds of millions of dollars that come with that is worth more than the LGBT community. That was the choice that they made. They were swayed by the market and unfortunately justice lost out this time.”


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kayman said...

The only problem with that comment is Dr. Marc Lamont Hill ought to have acknowledged both set of comments that were aimed at both LGBTs and black Americans. Which inadvertently affected us black LGBTs collectively since we are members of both groups. I am disgusted by A&E Networks' decision to allowed this BS to be on TV in the first place, but I'll be boycotting them even though I enjoy the CSI: Miami reruns.

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