Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Picture it: Batman vs Superman '92

What if the Man of Steel/Superman vs Batman film actually came out in the 90s? What would the story be about? Which villains would be featured?

Well, since I have some time, I thought I would cast a 1992 version of this highly anticipated film.

So, check out my choices after the jump.

The story could be mirrored from Man of Steel #3 (Post Crisis 1st meeting) or a whole different story that could involve a rogue Amazon (A reason to bring in Diana) and Ra's al Ghul.

So here we go
Gerard Christopher as Superman
Michael Keaton as Batman

Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman (before Xena of course)
Kevin Bacon as Lex Luthor
Demi Moore as Lois Lane
Angela Bassett as Rogue Amazon/Villain
Lou Diamond Phillips as Ra's al Ghul

Just a thought on a late night

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Damien said...

I endorse ALL these choices - fabulous post :)

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