Monday, December 30, 2013

Interesting Quote: Zeke Thomas

I came out in 2008, my sophomore year at college. My parents like to say they always knew I was gay. I came out to them, and they were very accepting. I always knew they would be accepting. Growing up, I had gay uncles, like every kid in America. I never was so scared that my parents were going to shun or disown me—the horror stories you hear. I was just nervous about, “Are my friends gonna accept me?” because I was a jock kid, so to speak, with an athlete father.

I did theater and was in the art scene, but there is a masculine connotation that comes with being an athlete’s kid. Still, I feel like those barriers of masculinity are constantly being broken down and redefined. People like to put labels on everything, and I feel stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason—most of them aren’t true. Even though I’m black and like chicken.


Anonymous said...

Still not out yet but I just don't feel as if I should come out. I think something bad might happen. I Just can't do it

LuCiFeR A said...

Being gay doesn't become an issue until it gets compared to being like Black people. Gay has has nothing to do with being a Black person. Yes there are Black gays , gay never was LYNCHED Gay was never a second class citizen