Sunday, July 7, 2013

Drag Queen performs in Blackface and gets FIRED

Foolishness alert!

In Toronto, a drag queen named Daytona Bitch had the nerve to perform in Blackface. This fool thought it would be peachy to be Miss Cleo (the fake 90s 1-900 number psychic) during a show for Pride Toronto. But when she hit the stage, the shit hit the fan.

Once the audience saw this mess, they were livid. Within hours of Daytona's act, pics were posted on Twitter and Facebook with the title “racist minstrel show.” Later, Daytona was fired from Pride Toronto.

Daytona was hurt, saying:
“I asked a couple people if it was offensive because it’s not blackface in my eyes. I went to theatre school. I know what blackface is. It was not a minstrel show. I was doing a character. 
“The people I asked at Crews & Tangos thought it was hilarious that I was dressed as a big fat black woman.”
Well, I'm sorry Daytona, but Blackface is Blackface regardless if you see it or not. However, your privilege is crystal clear in that statement, "It's not Blackface in my eyes."

I think you need to take this moment to refresh yourself about Blackface. Maybe next time, your foolishness won't cost you your job.



behrmark said...

Out of curiosity, does a white man - let's say, Sir Laurence Olivier - portraying Othello offend as well?

R.J. said...

The really sad part of this is if Daytona Bitch had done this in Montreal they might have tolerated it. Google P.K. Subban and you'll see white Habs fans in blackface supporting their best player. Serious.

Jezza said...

Hmmm, I dunno about this one.

It doesn't seem like she was making fun of black people, which is the root of the offense of Blackface. It seems like she was making fun of Ms. Cleo.

I understand she was walking a thin line, but as a black person, I'm not feeling the offense.

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