Monday, July 1, 2013

BET disrespected B. Scott

Last night I learned that B. Scott, a well-know social media star, was basically told to curb his looks.

The word is that B. Scott couldn't glam up or wear heels on the Red Carpet.

Really, BET? You allow Chris Brown to bring his deranged ass on stage, but B. Scott has to change.

You let women pop and twerk in tight ass outfits, but B. Scott has to change.

Rappers can look like thugs and criminals, and cuss like sailors, but B. Scott has to change.

This is ridic and very telling about the folks producing the BET Awards. They need to think about the messages this sends. If BET told B. Scott to chill with fashion, then they are totally in the wrong. It's like they are saying that being his gay fab self is too much for the public. Too bad they are so behind the times.

If they are going to be this backwards, then maybe we need to send them a message. We need to let them know that gay folks are real and we can express ourselves in any way we want. What happened to B. Scott is unacceptable.

I'm hoping to hear more about this and to B. Scott... Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was going on here when I saw your tweets. Except for watching Drop Dead Diva my tv was off last night.

LuCiFeR A said...

Whenever there are too many Blacks I don't go and I sometimes don't watch, I feel some of them lack communication skill and are always ready to fight. What was done Miss Scott was very unacceptable, this reminds me of the shit Wendy Williams pulls. Oh Yeah, this is not a hate comment.

Ian said...

Not to be ignorant, but this is BET we
re talking about. I stopped supporting that channel years ago because of all the coonery and buffoonery. The people who own and run the station are exactly what is portrayed...misogynists and homophobes. Its bullsh*t.

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