Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Worst Horror Films of 2012

Horror movies were at an all time low in 2012.

Cabin in the Woods saved the day, but the rest were sad, sad fails.

Here is my list of the Worst Horror films of 2012

  1. The Apparition - A broke ghost story
  2. Paranormal Activity - Somebody can't tell a story
  3. Resident Evil 5- Why are these sh#tty movies still being made?
  4. The Devil Inside - Cheap and sh#tty, worst ending ever
  5. Chernobyl Diaries - This was mistake
  6. Silent House - Unnecessary

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judycadanna said...

Damn, but you are right about this. Apparition had some creepy atmosphere, but what a complete mess of a story-- you know something is bad wrong when they have long scenes of dubbed in exposition (that part where the three are on the hilltop by the power lines-- they were talking, but the camera kept showing the faces of the character not speaking). So who knows what damage they did to re-edit their first cut into something different, but it still didn't make any sense-- the 'safe house' was an electric cage? And all the ghost had to do was cut the power? Pitiful. Through that whole thing, Sebastian Stan had that, "I know this thing sucks" look on his face. And other than three seconds of a Ju-On type girl with white make-up and dark eye shadow, the thing didn't appear. If the damn movie is titled, The Apparition, shouldn't it actually appear?
As for those others-- this hand-held digital camera nonsense with fx no better than most youtube videos needs to stop.

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