Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sean Hannity's Ratings Fall Big Time

After the election, I think most folks woke the frak up about Fox News, particularly on Sean Hannity's foolishness.

His viewers exited the stage.

The Daily News asked an important question:
So what happened to Hannity?

The going wisdom is that viewers who basked in his preelection anti-Obama rhetoric tuned him out when they were stunned to wake up on Nov. 7 and discover that the President had won a second term — a scenario that Hannity had all but promised could never happen.

Before the election, Hannity was riding high in the ratings and topped thought leaders on the right, like Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Peggy Noonan and talk radio bulldog Mark Levin, who predicted Obama would lose in a landslide.
And since his Fantasy Presidential Pick was way wrong, folks were done. Sean lost half his viewers, including the “money demo”, the 25-54 viewers advertisers love.

I wonder how long he has until Fox benches him?


Anonymous said...

I think it says more about Fox too. I mean, it's been demonstrated that they are a propaganda wing of the Republican party over and over again.

I would imagine their total share is less than 30% now.

Anonymous said...

I never like his smarmy ass and all of his talk about who was "A Great American" and who wasn't. Even if he gets fired, he still has a ton of listeners for his hate radio show.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what station The Daily News was listening to, but Mark Levin stated many times he was scared to death that Obama was going to win.

Sean Hannity said...

The people at fox news,still dont get it,to suggest that everybody that voted democratic wants hand-outs is offensive to hard working honest people,sure you got people,thats looking for a ride,but you shouldn't lable everybody that way.that type of stereotype and talking and thinking like that,is a big reason republicans lost.

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