Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Vague Review: MAMA

If you're going to see something scary, thrilling and beautiful... Go see MAMA.
This ghostly tale is very different from The Ring and Paranormal Activity, it's actually a strong story with a lot going on.

But enough of my ramblings, here is the vague review:
  • The beginning was a great opener.
  • The way MAMA was introduced was almost pretty. Her silhouette was creepy and beautiful.
  • I liked that Uncle Luke and Annabel were 'different' kind of guardians of the girls.
  • The creepy, animal-like movements of the girls was fascinating to watch.
  • There were no real villains in the story and I liked that.
  • MAMA's story was sad. She just wanted to love her children.
  • The appearance of MAMA was frightening and again, beautiful.
  • Her voice was creepy.
  • The girls stole the show.
  • You will remember MAMA's movements in the movie.
  • There were great creepy moments in the movie.
  • The ending was very sad, but yet, rewarding.
I highly recommend the movie, go and see it.


Gaspatcho Jones said...

You just made me want to see a movie, I had ABSOLUTELY NO Interest in seeing.

Lucifer Arnold said...

The thing that was MAMA probably was an alien. I'll wait on Junebug ad by me a bootleg copy.