Monday, January 7, 2013

The Tale of Two F#ggot Tweets

Could someone tell me the difference between the two tweets?


What's the difference? There is NO difference, however there is a difference on who gets attacked and who gets protected.

Azealia gets GLAAD and others hounding after her, Dan... no one. Now before anyone tries to say that Dan used it differently, please remember that a slur is a slur; you can't pretty it up. If it's shit, it's shit regardless if you Fabrezed it and put a pink bow on it.

I'm not defending Azealia here, I'm just pointing out the bias and privilege besetting this entire mess. If she gets called out, then keep it consistent and call out everybody else.


Bob said...

I think in some cases, it's like when African Americans use the n-word.
I don't like it, would never use it but.....
When Dan drops the f-word, I kinda feel it's used that same way, taking the word back.
Doesn't mean I like it, but I see a subtle difference.

MeSkusi said...

Completely agree. Both of these people are "savages".

BloggerJoe said...

I've long been "done" with Dan Savage. I realize he brings a lot of exposure to our community, but there's a decent way to do that and an indecent way. He always chooses the low road. Many people defend him because "the ends justify the means" but I don't agree with that or his methods.

kayman said...

Savage is an asshole and a racially bias one at that. Banks is just as trifling, but we all know a black person cannot do what a white person can without controversy.

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