Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gay Love in Star Wars? Yes

In the latest version of the Star Wars role-playing game, The Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Jedis can soon experience same-sex relationships.

But the characters not controlled by the player, that's the only setback.

Here's more:

Jeff Hickman, executive producer of game developer BioWare, apologized for the delay in including the gay romance option.

'I realize that we promised SGR (same gender romance) to you guys and that many of you believed that this would be with a companion character,' Hickman wrote on his State of the Game blog yesterday (2 January).

'Unfortunately, this will take a lot more work than we realized at the time and it (like some other pieces of content we talked about earlier in the year) has been delayed as we focused on the changes required to take the game Free-to-Play.

'As we have said in the past, allowing same gender romance is something we are very supportive of.'

But he added that they will introduce more gay romance options in the future.
I love it when gay stuff seeps into geek stuff.



R.J. said...

That's what I love about The Sims 3. Not only is there SGR but by default every character is bisexual so you can literally do what you want in the romance department. Hopefully the same will eventually happen with this game.

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