Friday, June 8, 2012

American Apparel showcases Trans Model Isis King in new Ad

American Apparel joins GLAAD for a cute line of Tees for LGBT Pride Month.

The cute factor in this deal is seeing Isis King in the ads. Now, if you don't know Isis, please note that she was the 1st trans model on America's Next Top Model.

Here's more from GLAAD's website:
Former  contestant and openly transgender model Isis King is among those donning the Pride shirts in ads that will appear online and in print across the nation. Joining her in the ad campaign are four current and former GLAAD staff members, among others.

Fifteen percent of all proceeds from the shirts benefits GLAAD's work to share stories that build support for equality.
Get it, Isis


Howard Stump said...

Great ad. But shouldn't Isis be the first openly trans modeltestant? I swear, some of those girls looks more butch than I am in my dreams...

Lucifer Arnold said...

A Sentinile from the Xmen would say ''Gays are human''?
I would not wear this shirt.

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