Saturday, July 31, 2010

Interesting Quote: Brian Brown

“In the last two weeks, we’ve seen mothers harassed, children threatened, and outrageous efforts to disrupt and drown out our rallies from gay marriage activists. Rather than repudiating these tactics, major gay rights leaders are now blaming NOM for the behavior of their own supporters. This is irresponsible and wrong, and we call on them to repudiate these tactics, which are being driven by their outrageous persistent efforts to paint Americans who believe marriage is one man and one woman as haters or bigots. What they really hate is that we are showing middle America the real face of the gay marriage movement, on videotape, for all the world to see.”

Oh, Brian please.



Mighty Kwan said...

Come out come out Where-EVAHHHH you are!!!

Stan said...

Aw!.........dry up and float away!

truthspew said...

Yeah they asked Marriage Equality RI and Queer Action RI to repudiate it too.

Last I heard neither responded. Consider that it was QuARI that did the bush beating for the protest this past Saturday and you might understand why.

Stan in NH said...

If only he would show the real face of gay marriage for all to see. But he's afwaid of it. Weally afwaid.

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