Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Starlite Lounge will close

One of most iconic gay bars is closing down.

Brooklyn's own, Starlite Lounge, will end it's 40 year legacy today.
In a message posted on the home page of the Starlite Lounge website, the establishment’s management and staff remark, “It is with a heavy heart that we are forced to announce that the Starlite Lounge has lost its highly-publicized battle to stay open in its landmark location.”

The lounge is described on the site as “the oldest black-owned non-discriminating bar/club in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.”
The lounge’s clientele ranges from drag queens and locals to fashion models and celebrities.

Even Madonna is rumored to have visited the Starlite.
I went to the Starlite years ago when I was working at Cornell. I loved it! It was full of life and flash... I hate that it's closing down.

If I was ballin', I would buy it and keep it going.


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Stan said...

Sadly it's the sign of the times. With all the gentrification and cultural genocide going on in NYC I'm not surprised it's now speading out to the outer boroughs too. Soon all the Mom & Pop stores will be gone replaced with WaWa and 7/11's and nobody seems to care either.

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