Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a short-mini rant about the Comic-Con Gays in Comics panel Coverage

I'm a little sad there was not a lot of coverage of the SDCC Gays in Comics panel.

I noticed on my news feed a few links to my quick coverage. When I checked them out, they were linked to forums or a few other gay websites saying that my post was all they could find.

But I would've like to see our issues in the mainstream comic blogs and sites. Many of these blogs covered most of the other panel discussions, but not the Gay ones. I shouldn't expect them to, however it would be nice to be included in the mix.

I also noticed that a few gay blogs covered the panel as well. However, they did focused on the hottest guys at Comic-Con, but again, it would've been nice to see our own peeps talk about the breakthroughs and triumphs we are making in the comic book world.

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