Thursday, December 11, 2008

Please Send Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. to the Phantom Zone, Immediately!

Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. was apart of the Gang of 3. The others are Senators Carl Kruger and Pedro Espada Jr., and all 3 are New York Dems.

What makes these folks special is their foolish attempt to block Malcolm Smith from becoming Senate Majority Leader by joining the Republicans in a vote. But why would they do such a thing? Well, over gay marriage stuff of course. Diaz Sr. hates it. In fact, he hates it so much that he wants a Prop 8 like event in New York.

At one point Diaz Sr. and his Supremes thought they could bully their way through, but by the grace of Athena, the deal fell through. Diaz Sr. is pissed and now, hounded by us for his arrogance and malarkey. In an anti-Prop 8 rally outside City Hall in NYC, Diaz Sr. was called out and slammed for his actions. Afterwards, the gay heat start to burn Diaz Sr. and he wasn't enjoying our "flames" no pun intended.

Recently, in phone interview, Dickhead Diaz went off, saying: "The gays are calling my office. They're jamming my phones. They're going to see what we can do. They've going to see exactly what we can do. Ed Koch is going to see what we can do. They're just going to see. That is what I'm telling you."

Well I'm sure they are ready for you, Diaz. Your power is fading and it seems that no one's going to back you. Besides, after the Rod Baloney Sandwich's scandal, you should keep your mouth shut! Cutting deals and trying to bully your views on others ain't cute right now, so stuff it. And watch out, the GAYS are coming for you.


Anonymous said...

I called his office and expressed my displeasure over his politicking. I told him that next time he's up for election I'll be certain to go to NY and protest against him.

Wonder Man said...

Good, he needs to know that his actions are myopic and foolish

Anonymous said...

Supposedly what killed the deal was Espada.

So it seems he wasn't being as honest and genuine as he was making himself out to be last weekend when he was interviewed by a local reporter here in NYC.

Son of Baldwin said...

As a resident of NYC (I live in Brooklyn), I am so glad this all blew up in Diaz's face. HA!

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