Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is Josh Duggar ditching Rehab?

Rumors are hitting the streets that laughing boy Josh Duggar is missing from rehab.

The director of Quiverfull (the rehab facility) said that Josh has been missing from his sessions.

Raw Story reports:
Many of the media outlets seized upon Reformers Unanimous as the the treatment facility because of Jim Bob and Michelle’s involvement with the center. That, combined with the flight records of the Duggar‘s private plane showing a late night trip to Rockford, Illinois with a ten minute turn-around time between arriving at the Rockford airport and the aircraft departing for a return to the Springdale airport seemed to indicate that RU was where Josh would be serving out his long term ‘treatment’ for sex and pornography addiction.

There is only one big problem with that assumption. Not a soul in Rockford, Illinois has actually spotted Josh Duggar among the individuals receiving treatment at RU. He hasn’t been seen coming or going from any of the mandatory church services at North Love Baptist Church. This is especially odd considering the rules at Reformers Unanimous posted on their website claim it would be a mandatory part of everyone’s recovery process at RU. There has been absolutely no sightings of Josh anywhere in Rockford or RU. No sightings at all.
Look in your local adult bookstore or strip club

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Bob Slatten said...

I guess God cured him already.

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