Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hot Trans Man Alert: Shawn Stinson

Here's a little bit about Shawn
For Shawn, being transgender means being yourself and living exactly how you feel inside and out. His contribution to the transgender community, according to him, "Grew on accident". According to him, he "transitioned without knowing he was transitioning". In 2008, after feeling weird and knowing something wasn't right and still being unaware of what a transman was, he went to a surgeon who had never done FTM Top surgery before and said, "This is what I want. I have the money just do it". Then in 2010, while watching a special on TV about a transgender man, he realized that he was not the only one. It was at that point, he came to understand and be able to put a name to what he was, a transgender man. Once he realized this, he began medically transitioning by starting hormone therapy.

Currently, Stinson’s #1 focus is training for the 2nd annual FTM Body Building Competition taking place in October 2015 in Atlanta, GA. The event will be the 1st of its kind to take place in Atlanta. He is trying to maintain his title. Stinson also has his Free Fit Camp for anyone who lives in or is visiting the Atlanta, GA area.

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Cain Cervantes said...

Hot and brave, just the way i like my men...

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