Friday, July 31, 2015

Dylann Roof and Ray Tensing plead 'Not Guilty'


So, Dylann Roof, you know the guy who killed nine people at the Emanuel AME Church shooting, had the nerve to plead 'not guilty' to federal hate crime charge.

Really? I thought he was doing this for the White race. I thought he would plead guilty with pride... I guess he ain't about that life after all.

Then, Ray Tensing, the guy who shot and killed Sam DuBose also plead 'not guilty'. His body cam proved otherwise, but I guess he's feeling lucky. His bond was set at 1 million dollars, but somehow/someway the 10% was paid. His father posted the $100,085 to get his son out of jail. Rumors speculate that money was raised to post bail.

Ray is using the Cop Excuse: I feared for my life meme, which is ridic and tired. However, his defense will probably wear that line out in court. I just hope it fails.

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Anonymous said...

These two horrible men look as if they are not developed to me . Racism is a disease of the mind.

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