Thursday, July 30, 2015

Survey: 43% of Philly’s Homeless Youth are LGBTQ

This is sad to post, but according to a survey conducted by Valley Youth House, Covenant House, Project HOME, the Attic Youth Center, the Mazzoni Center, 43% of homeless youth in Philadelphia identify as LGBTQ.

Philly Mag reports:
According to Valley Youth House, they saw the survey’s results as a “resolve to expand its services to meet the demand of this underrepresented group with programs such as a shelter specifically for LGBTQIA young people and programs specifically for transgender youth.”
"We are the only agency providing independent living support for homeless LGBTQIA youth in Philadelphia," said Allison Moore, Regional Director for Valley Youth House. "Our Pride program provides rapid rehousing along with life skills, education, and employment support to about 50 young people act year, though the demand for services is higher than we are able to meet."
This is just Philly, imagine other major cities.

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