Wednesday, July 22, 2015

College Professor Fired for 'Hanging Queers' Post on Facebook

This FB post came from business professor Rick Coupland. Why he felt the need to post this, I don't know, but it backfired rather quickly.

After a series of complaints, St. Lawrence College fired his hateful ass! Spokeswoman Kelly Wiley called the comment "deeply concerning," and later the school (via Twitter) revealed that Mr. Coupland was no longer an employee at St. Lawrence College.

I guess he's going to cry that his free speech was violated and he meant no harm... Yeah right, I hope he suffers for this mess.



BloggerJoe said...

His free speech wasn't violated. He was able to make the disturbing comments, and is still able to make disturbing comments as he chooses. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.

Bob Slatten said...

What galls me is the wait-and-see attitude of some of these employers.
If had used any other derogatory term for another other sub-set of society, other than queer, his termination, I think, would have been instantaneous.

But it's still okay to bash The Gays unless it gets you bad press for your school business, political career.

Blayne Ustinov said...

Hanging queers - no
A hung queer - YES!!!

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