Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New TV Project presents a Black Gay lead character

A new series in development at HBO. The producer of Dear White People, Lena Waithe, Redtails director Anthony Hemingway, and TV writer Ben Jones has created, BROS (It was called Bros before Hos)a story about a gay black man and his brothers.

This story is also a page from Ben's real life. Here's what he had to say about the concept
Bros Before Hos isn’t a black story or a gay story – it’s a family story about three brothers, who happen to be black, and one who happens to be gay. I do have a particular interest in stories about the black male experience because I want to tell stories that reflect how I walk through the world. There seem to be more stories that deal with the interior lives of black women, but it’s hard to find stories that deal with the interior lives of black men. We’re either thugs or athletes, but there’s so much more to who we are that falls in between that spectrum. It’s ironic that in 2014, and even with a black president, one of the hardest things to be in this country right now is a young black man. So, yes, I am voracious about presenting images of black men that reflect our everyday humanity. Plus, I went to Morehouse, and I don’t want them to take back my degree if I’m not moving the needle forward.
Here's a sneak peak of the pilot

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