Wednesday, November 5, 2014

After the Election

What we saw last night was clearly a vote against change. The fact that we are moving forward and we are changing the country, many lost folks are running scared. And that fear drove these folks to vote.

Yes, the GOP won big, but this will be Obama's big moment to shine. He has to get tough because nothing will get pass Congress. I believe in two years, the GOP will show this country that they had nothing planned for us. They will implode and fail in major ways. I truly believe that and I hope I just spoke this into existence. 


Bob Slatten said...

They'll spend the next two years trying to impeach the president, adding to their implosion.

Hun†ress said...

What Bob said, but the Senate will now rubber stamp any rubbish that passes the House now.

KarmaEqualsBitch said...

You just keep spinning your little fantasies. This was not a vote against change but a vote against the spectacularly failed presidency of Barack Obama. With a lot of help from a fawning compliant liberal media Obama managed to fool a lot of people for a long time but no more. The truth has finally been exposed: Barack Obama is incompetent. He was never qualified to be President. He should never have been elected once much less twice. He has been in over his head from day one and this nation is drowning because of it. Thankfully we only have 2 more years of this small petty inept bureaucrat.

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