Thursday, November 20, 2014

What do you think of the Bill Cosby drama?

What do you think about the Bill Cosby scandal? To be honest, I don't know how to feel about it all. I don't want to believe the rapes happened, I just can't believe he did that.

I also struggle with the stories. I know, I know I should be open, but my childhood dreams are clouding my judgement.

Hopefully, the truth will come out... It has to and soon!


Hun†ress said...

I'm keeping an open mind. The fact that he's been accused in the past and no charges have ever been filed against him works in his favor.

I'm pretty certain Janice Dickinson's claim is BS. An interview she did and a book she wrote contradict today's story.

It's possible Bill Cosby is a rapist. It's also possible some ladies are looking for a pay day since a civil suit may be their only recourse.

I'm letting the courts, not the court of public opinion, decide this one.

Bob Slatten said...

He needs to speak to it, because his whole refusal to talk about "that" is ridiculous.
Just because you're accused of a crime doesn't mean you're guilty.
Just because you offer a payout to an accuser doesn't mean you're guilty.
As for Janice, yes, she is a media whore, but sometimes women who've been raped, especially a women with substance abuse issues like Janice, feel they are somewhat to blame and so stay silent.
Perhaps her contradictory stories was her way of denying the truth.
I don't know but Cosby needs to say something.

lucifer' place said...

It seems to me that every man that is intelligent and well loved have secrets.
Tiger Woods Bill Clinton... the list goes on.

Where are the rape kits ?

Alan Scott said...

I thought a person was innocent until proven guilty. The way the entertainment industry is canceling his projects and distancing themselves from him, it seems they've already tried him and found him guilty.

Why wait so many years before stepping up to say something? This stinks of something contrived.

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